• NPTI Hostel


    Hostels are available at NPTI (ER) to accommodate about 400 trainees .Those desirous of availing the hostel facilities will have to intimate in advance to obtain confirmation for the same. In case a participant does not stay in the hostel, he has to make his own arrangements to reach the Institute. Canteen facilities are also available in the Hostels. Recreation and indoor sports facilities like Table Tennis, Badminton, Carom, Chess etc. are available for trainees in Hostel, creating a congenial atmosphere of a Home away from Home. The hostel accommodation is provided to the trainees only for the period of training course.

    Accommodation Facility:

    Sl. No.

    Type of Accommodation

    Charges in (Rs.)

    (Sharing Basis)


    Hostel 1 &3

    (Common Toilet)

    Rs.100/- per day / per bed: Max. Rs.2000/- per month / per bed.


    Hostel 2

    (Attached Toilet)

    Rs.125/- per day / per bed: Max. Rs.2500/- per month / per bed.


    Qtr. Converted to Hostel

    Rs.150/- per day / per bed: Max. Rs.3000/- per month / per bed.


    Executive Hostel

    Non AC Room
    AC Room


    Rs.250/- per day / per bed (Max.  5000/- per month / per bed)

    Rs.350/- per day / per bed (Max.  7000/- per month / per bed)




    Guest House

    AC Room

     Rs. 400/-per day/per Room


    B. Tech. (Power) Students

    Rs. 18000/- per student /per Annum
    Hostel No.-3
    Hostel No.-31.jpg